Adult Swimming Lessons

Makara adult swim lessons recognise the relationship between water confidence and self-esteem.

If you feel uncomfortable in the water and unhappy with your swimming skills, chances are it's a confidence issue. There is no such thing as not being able to swim, you've just never learnt.

Your lack of confidence may then be further quashed by not finding a dignified swimming lesson programme. Trying to learn on your own accord in a public swimming pool may feel awkward, and then something else more important comes up, like raising a family.

Specialist adult swim lessons take into consideration everything that has come before the opportunity to learn, and personalises a programme that feels safe, rewarding yet challenging. More importantly, you will gain the swim skills to advance your relationship with water, oceans abroad, and public swimming sessions. Lessons will help you achieve what you want, through consultation, collaboration and on-going dialogue.

Whether you'd like to float, glide, enjoy a day spa, race the little people in your life at the backstroke, or enlist yourself in a sponsored swim for a favourite charity, Makara can help you gain the confidence. With a willingness to learn and an honest time commitment, you will develop the swim skills necessary for your ultimate objective.

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One to One


  • One to One Tuition
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Two to One


  • £17.50 per Person
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  • £15 per Person
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Messages from Previous Clients

Nicola. S

"I learned to swim as a child but fell into bad habits as I got older; keeping my head and face out of the water and my technique was poor. A slipped disc in my neck and joint problems means swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for me but only if I swim correctly and with good posture. Jenn was fantastic! Really patient and willing to try different ways to help me improve. After just one lesson a week for a couple of months I have improved so much that I can swim pain-free!
"I have always had a fear of water, since being pushed into a swimming pool as a very nervous child. I have always clung to the side of the pool and would never take both feet off the bottom. Swim-esteem has provided 1-2-1 support and encouragement and through some months of anguish I can now swim and feel more confident in the water. I am now moving on to more challenging tasks in the water and now have no fear of going under the water. I highly recommend Jenn as a swim teacher, she is inspirational!

Pauline. A

Alana B

"At the start i couldn't even bring my self to put my head under water let alone swim a few months of lessons and I'm full on swimming with no fear amazing lessons one to one so I was able to develop quicky and at my own pace.!
"Having never learnt to swim as a child, taking my children swimming was always challenging. Since my lessons with Jenn, I feel a lot more confident in the water, and now having been taught the basics, going to the swimming pool is enjoyable.

Jenn is very knowledgable and has vastly improved my technique. Highly recommended!

Dave. S