About Makara Swim & Yoga

As a child, I'd always been profoundly interested in water and sea creatures. I was relatively late to swimming. Acquiring expertise to do anything but pretend to be a mermaid underwater, didn't come until I was eleven or twelve when I was spotted by a swimming squad. From the age of 16, I worked as a Lifeguard, up until I became a Philosophy graduate.

My career continued to be carved from my overriding compulsion to want to keep people safe. My professions have been dedicated to assisting others to flourish, and helping people to reach their potential. I spent a decade delivering education and training around healthy minds and bodies, two more years in refugee resettlement post the Syrian crisis, and finally now help a police force to understand diverse communities. In a nutshell; what drives people and what breaks them.

I have taken my experience of delivering self-esteem raising programmes, working with those who have suffered trauma, and have created unique experiences in the water through swim lessons and aqua yoga classes.

In 2016, I established Swim-Esteem; a gentle yet progressive and empowering adult swim lesson programme, specialising in nervous adult learners and water fears.

In 2019, following a personal quest to deepen my own yoga practice and wishing to explore the many parallels between swimming and yoga, such as benefits to mind, body and breath, a new offering originated; Makara Swim & Yoga.

Makara is a Sanskrit word meaning "Water monster" or "Sea dragon". In Hindu mythology, a Makara is a sea creature who serves as a vehicle for the water gods.

Makaras are typically depicted as half land mammal and half fish. These creatures are guardians and symbols of love and desire. I chose to depict my Makara as a mermaid. For many, they symbolise freedom, equanimity and grace: that which can be obtained from swimming and practicing yoga..

I am grateful for my swim skills and the serenity swimming offers me.
I am grateful for the serenity I gain from my yoga practice.
I am grateful for the experience I have cultivated to work with diverse communities and with those
that want to experience the restorative benefits of water and yoga.
I feel honoured to be able to share both disciplines as a Level 2 Swimming Teacher and 200hr Yoga Teacher.

Makara Swim & Yoga delivers:

  • Adult Swim Lessons - 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1
  • Aqua Yoga Classes
  • Aqua Yoga (Private tuition) - 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1
  • Yoga (On land) - By private arrangement